Friday, March 30, 2018

Last December, the community lost a good friend, and so did I personally. Mary Jane Leyner (1942-2017) died suddenly in a car accident. She was very involved in many groups including: Friends of the Livingston-Park County Public Library, Spay and Neuter Clinic, Livingston HealthCare, The Deadrock Writers and the Community Choir, just to name a few. Se was always eager to help you with a project, bake a pan of something, or just listen when you needed to talk to someone. She was artistic, inquisitive, with a love of all things, both two and four legged, a kind soul, and possessed a cheerful outlook which was unmatched. During the more than 15 years she spent in Montana, Mary Jane found a wonderfully warm and loving community which quickly became a new family.
As a member of The Deadrock Writers, Mary Jane would sometimes grace us with her poems and stories. Often about animals, often funny and insightful, they were always a joy to hear. This is one she read last fall:
What I Did on My Summer Vacation
My summer vacation? I wish you'd been there!
I went north to the Arctic and saw polar bear,
then down the west coast where researchers with grants
studied communication among living plants.
I spent time up in Greenland watching glacial retreat,
and with lizards in Texas, never minding the heat.
But my favorite part, the part I liked best,
was two weeks with butterflies of the Pacific Northwest!
What a trip! How I loved it! How quickly it's flown!
I strongly suggest you take one of your own!
But how'd I pay for my travel, this trip that I took?
Oh, didn't I mention--I went there by book!
Mary Jane Leyner