Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Keeping Track of What You've Read

There are several ways to keep track of what you've read, besides that little notebook you keep by your reading chair.

In Montana Library 2 Go

  • Each time a title is borrowed, it is added to your history. At launch, you will see an empty history until you borrow a title, or manually add it.
  • Titles can be manually added through the context menu (…) or from the title details page. For example, you can add titles you read before the start of the history, or titles read from other sources (print, purchased, etc.).

  • You can choose to hide your history from the Settings page. If you opt to display your history again at a later date, you will only see titles added from that point forward.
  • You can also remove individual titles from the History page through the context menu (…) or on the title details page.
At the Check-out Desk
Just ask a Library staffer to turn on your account history, and it'll keep a record of your checkouts from then on...for about three years or so.

Online through the Library Catalog
Click 'access my account' over there at left. Then click 'Log In' at upper right. Enter your card number (no spaces) and your PIN (if you don't know it, try CHANGEME). Click 'My Account'. Click 'Preferences' and select 'Record my checkout history', 'Show my checkout history', or both, then 'Update'. ('Show my checkout history' doesn't make it public, it just shows it to you.)

On Goodreads
Goodreads is a pretty decent resource for keeping track of what you've read, what you'd like to read, and what you never want to see again. You can also rate and reviews titles, and see the rankings and reviews of others. Of course, you have to create an account or sign in via your facebook account.